søndag 3. januar 2016


We congratulate GM Andrey Vovk of Ukraine with winning the GM-group of TV 2 Chess International 2015-16!
The next places were taken by GM Igors Rausis, GM Yuri Vovk, GM Evgeny Postny and GM Peter Prohaszka, who all were half a point behind the winner.

Håkon Bentsen won the Elo-group, a full point ahead of Abyl Kizatbay in second place. FM Ward Al-Tarbosh was number three with the best tie-break of five players with 5½ points.

Photos by Tom Eriksen:

lørdag 2. januar 2016

Fagernes Rapid

Norwegian GM Torbjørn Ringdal Hansen won Fagernes Rapid ahead of GM Matthew J. Turner of Scotland. Hansen only conceded one draw in six rounds and beat Turner in round four.

The rapid tournament was played 1st and 2nd of January 2016.

Turner (left) and Hansen (right)
Photo: Tom Eriksen

fredag 1. januar 2016

Fagernes Chess International 2016

The next tournament at Fagernes will be Fagernes Chess International 2016, played during Easter, 20-27 March 2016.
There will be three groups in 2016: 

  • Open GM-group with rating limit 2150.
  • Closed IM-group with 10 players. Expected rating average about 2300 and IM-norm 6 or 6.5 of 9.
  • Elo-group (The open Norwegian Championship) open for all tournament players regardless of Elo. 

torsdag 31. desember 2015

Fagernes Christmas Blitz

GM Peter Prohaszka of Hungary won Fagernes Christmas Blitz ahead of GM Matthew J. Turner of Scotland, both taking 7½ points in 9 rounds.

Best local player was FM Sebastian Mihajlov in fifth place. 

The blitz tournament was played Wednesday 30 December, after round 5 of the main tournament.

Turner (left) and Prohaszka (right)
Photo: Tom Eriksen

fredag 8. mai 2015


Welcome to TV 2 Chess International!

The tournament is played at the new Norwegian Chess Hotel 
Quality Hotel & Resort Fagernes at Fagernes, 187 km north of Oslo.
Main organizer is Hans Olav Lahlum in cooperation with the Norwegian Chess Federation.
The tournament is sponsored by Norways largest commercial television station, TV 2.

Hans Olav Lahlum

Hans Olav Lahlum (born 1973) is a well known Norwegian chess player and chess organizer, having the titles of International Organizer (IO) and International Arbiter (IA) from the World Chess Federation FIDE.

Lahlum organized numberous international tournaments at Gausdal 1999-2008, Oslo 2011-2014 and Fagernes 2014-2015.

He has also been chief arbiter in many other large tournaments including the Norwegian championships 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013.